Your company as an employer


What requirements do you have to meet to become an employer?

In order to register your company as an employer you need to meet several conditions. Among other things, you need to have details of all directors (and full contact details of at least one of them), business and registered address of the company (if they are not the same) and the UTR no (Unique Taxpayer Reference). To register in the most convenient manner, i.e.: online, at least one of the directors of the company needs to have a National Insurance Number.

If none of the directors is a UK resident and if none of them has a NIN, then the company registration can be conducted by calling HM Revenue & Customs.

Please bear in mind that not only companies but also individuals who have a sole proprietorship may hire employees.


How often is salary paid?

In the UK, remuneration is paid in four ways: weekly, every two or every four weeks, or once a month. Every employer has the right to choose the most convenient model, and can use any of the ways at the same time.


What is Real Time Information?

Real Time Information (RTI) is a way to inform the office every time an employee receives remuneration. This is done through special software.


What are an employer's basic obligations?

Every employer in the UK is obliged to report on the salaries paid to employees in separate annual reports and in a PAYE system that counts and collects the income tax and social security tax.

In addition, the employer is responsible for storing and suitable securing of all the information about his employees, and for making deductions of employee contributions to the HM Revenue & Customs.

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