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When and how often do you need to make settlements in a limited company?

Most companies are obliged to submit settlements once a year. This also applies to companies
that did not conduct any activity, so-called “dormant companies”.

You need to submit the settlement and pay CIT 9 months from the end of the settlement period.


Why do the majority of customers have professional accountants prepare the settlements?

Settlements and the legal issues associated with them are complicated. Besides, they are a legal requirement and they need to be delivered on time. What is more, it is crucial to plan favourable tax strategies. Many companies pay too much tax just because they do not know what may be lawfully deducted from tax and they do not do it. It can happen that companies do not choose the best format for VAT reporting or do not use other available methods for reducing tax liabilities.


What is the process of preparing annual reports in our accounting office?

We prepare annual reports for tax authorities on the basis of current accounting. Approximately 2 months before the end of the fiscal period we provide the company owners with a draft settlement so that they can get an idea of the tax situation. We suggest a meeting with our chief accountant to discuss favourable individual solutions. Such a scheme of action allows us to make the right financial decisions in the last period before the end of the fiscal year.

Then we prepare the final annual settlement and, after obtaining approval, we send it to the appropriate authorities.

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